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Fourth Voice Media Network

FOURTH VOICE MEDIA NETWORK (POINT OUT GROUP) is an Indian Media Company based in New Delhi, with a formidable reputation in the PRINT,  DIGITAL, TELEVISION & FILM. With decades of combined experience of its founder, Dr Shiv Kumar Rai, its motto is to give voice to issues that concern everyone. The company was founded in December 2011

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To make freedom struggle weak Britishers always created a difference between Hindu and Muslims and it was the greatest setback to India’s national integration. Even now, we are increasingly witnessing the harmful effects of hateful, derogatory, communal remarks made by political leaders. India is a diverse nation in terms of culture, language, religion, caste, people, cuisine and everything. Communalism is the greatest challenge that divides our country.

MERI JAATI BHARTIYA talk show will brings the untold stories of communal harmony.  We must have a common identity, as Indians, this talk show will re-discovered and communicated the feel of MERI JAATI BHARTIYA. MERI JAATI BHARTIYA talk show will arrive soon on leading channel of India.


POINT OUT DIALOGUE is a step to initiate positive change in our society. We POINT OUT issues that need to be addressed and remained focused on the grassroots concern.

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